Dream (3/9/2017): Quokkas, Criminal Restaurant Owners, and a Christian Rapper named Genesis

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In this dream I found myself walking around the running track in the planned community we live in, when I ran into my old friend. I ask her if she’d seen those friendly little animals that populate the area, the quokkas.

Rottnest Island
(source Aenneken: CC)

She said no.

Then she asked if I’d been to the new restaurant. I mentioned how Thrilleana, who in this dream was some sort of entertainment maven, and was taking some clients along with a Christian rapper named “Genesis” there later that night.

20121129 hip hop-56
(source: Marnie Joyce | CC)

Turns out the owner of the restaurant was out and about in our planned community neighborhood.

(source: Blake | CC)

He talked to me, smiling, encouraging me to patronize his establishment.

As he spoke to me his associates were busy beating up neighbor across the street, in an effort to smash their way into his house.

I have to get going 2/4/2015
(source: Tim Kuzdrowski | CC)

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