Dream (12/17/16): Murderers

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In this dream, a body was found. The FBI proceed with the murder investigation.

FSI working at crime scene
(source: West Midlands Police | CC)

The stakes increase when, in the process of digging, they find another body, this time, only bones. Was this the work of a serial killer?

2002-12 bones
(source: Random McRandomhead: CC)

They keep digging. Even more bones are found showing similar signs of violent death, though these particular bones are way too old to relate to the original murder, which they predate by hundreds of years.

More Vampire bones
(source Robin Hutton: CC)

They keep digging.

Fossilized bones of pre-human creatures are found, each bearing evidence of violent death.

Homo neanderthalensis fossil hominid (Pleistocene; Europe) 1
(source James St. John: CC)

And still, they keep digging.

External investigators stumble onto evidence that the head of the federal investigation is, himself, a murderer in another case.

(source Bob Cotter: CC)

The lens widens¬†to encompass his subordinate investigators. It is found that each of them–including the sheriff, and local law enforcement–has at some point in their lives killed, or been regarded as culpable in a violent or unnatural death in the past.

(source Chu 3d: CC)

Every single person involved in the investigation of the murder at the murder site is a murderer.

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