Dream (10/30/16): Something Big is Going To Happen

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I haven’t posted anything in a long time.

Oil spill advert
(source: BBC World Service | CC)

I’m making time to post this today, the day after such a dramatic election evening, because I consider this dream, from the night before Halloween, to be very prescient.

In it, I saw billboards, as well as magazine ads, everywhere. They all advertised seafood: specifically, shrimp and squid.

Squid salad with chick peas
(source: Stijn Nieuwendijk | CC)

This would be fine, but the ads themselves were strange. The tentacles and pincers on the magazine ads moved when I touched them, like they could sense my fingers. I assume, in retrospect, that this is because it is the future and in the future this is how magazine ads should work.

I am driving for part of the dream. I pass more billboards for shellfish and mollusks.

(source: Sean MacEntee | CC)

Eventually I come across my friend. She is older now, much fuller in the face than she was when she was younger. Being from the ’90s I thought she looked like the singer Lisa Stansfield, but older. This only reinforces the feeling that this is the future.

This is the part where it turns into a nightmare.

My friend turns to me and says, with much subdued enthusiasm:

“Something really big is going to happen.”

As it is, this shouldn’t be frightening. But something was very wrong. A feeling of pure terror surges through me and crests before she even finishes talking. I force myself awake.

I sit up and look forward, desperate to assure myself that there was nobody was there.


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