Dream (7/8/16): The Blacksmith Game

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In this dream, I’m in grade school. All the kids are playing the Blacksmith Game. The rules are as follows:

– Lie on your back under the shade of a tall building while dressed in a fireman’s uniform
– Allow yourself to be bound by heavy chains
– Attempt to free yourself using only a traditional blacksmith’s hammer

(source: Hans Splinter | CC)

An older man with the long receding hair and a dark, greasy long coat wanted to play, so he put on the fireman uniform and we chained him up.

(source: Sheila | CC)

He was able to free himself in seconds. All it took to demolish the chain was a few strategic strikes of–not a traditional blacksmith’s hammer–but a modern clawed carpenters hammer.

He walked away, grumbling about the stupid nature of the game.

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