Dream (from 10/30/15): Conversation About The Movie “They Live,” Then Spiders

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In this dream I was standing with my friend as he pumped gas. The buzzing night air loomed around us as we talked about the movie They Live, with its populist theme of uprising against oppressors hidden in plain sight.

They Live poster Marc Palm
(source: Marc Palm | cc)

We bantered about how the film’s revolutionary posture seems to assure its relevance with each new generation.

Then my friend drove off and I with him, only stop a few miles down the country road as my friend realized was going the wrong way. Turns out he had to go. And for one reason or another, I had to figure out how I was getting home.

I walked for awhile along the ditch that followed the road. Reeds spilled over, hitting my face as I went. Other things hit my face, too. Orb spider webs caught my face in their dragnet.




Its worth noting that I have a crippling, and irrational fear of spiders.

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