Dream (from 10/16/15): Hologram of Quentin Tarantino Losing at Poker

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In this dream I was some sort of technician or repairman who had been called to a famous Chinese restaurant. There was a problem of some sort, related to a particular area in the dining room and we needed to use a tool that generated a hologram of what exactly was creating that problem.

I pressed a button on the device and out came a wispy laser-painted 3D outline of Quentin Tarantino with a horrified look on his face. He was holding a deck of cards, shirtless, and unfortunately, also pant-less. I checked his cards: He was losing.

Bluff for the win
(source: Jun | CC)

I ran the device in the other area of complaint and there, sitting at the table, was his phantom companion: a laser image of a large man in a wife beater, who had apparently taken possession of a crying baby. In his hand was a winning set of cards, but under the table, stuck into the seams of the wood, were crappier cards: laser evidence of cheating.

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