Dream (1/15/2018): Police helicopter and metallic clouds in the night sky

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In this first recorded dream of 2018, I found myself in a large industrial warehouse.

warehouse(source: Andrea Hale | CC)

The warehouse doors were open. It was a clear night, and the stars could be seen shimmering in the heavens.

meteor-0042(source: stuartlchambers | CC)

It was in this moment of regarding the sky that a police helicopter landed in the concrete area in front. A cop stepped out and explained to those of us working in the warehouse that the man they were pursuing in the chopper wouldn’t pull over. The man, who drove a convertible and appeared to be of east Indian descent, argued he couldn’t comply because he didn’t understand what the policeman was saying in the loudspeaker.

Behind them,  night loomed. Iridescent, metallic clouds girded the numerous stars, causing them to shimmer like shards of glass in an oil slick.

Oil on road after the rain
(source: Gilbert Mercier | CC)

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