Dream (2/15/17): Alonzo Bodden and the Amazon Resellers

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In the future, Amazon is dominated by resellers, which means very few products sold on Amazon actually get to real people.

(source: Claudio Toledo | CC)

These resellers buy products and have them shipped to their own facilities, where they are repackaged and sold again, and again, and again.

(source: bfishadow | CC)

Resellers are a type of criminal.

Enter comedian Alonzo Bodden: Employed by the FBI, his job is to track down the Amazon resellers by first gaining their trust.

We get on a bus that as it turns out, like the TARDIS in Doctor Who, is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

New CT Bus
(source: Oran Viriyincy | CC)

On the outside it looks like a small commuter bus, while on the inside is many levels, with fine dining, red vested waiters, and tables of the finest cuisine.

It is nothing like the TARDIS.


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