Dream (3/7/17): Artifact Throwing Poltergeist Ruins Dinner Presentation

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In this dream Thrilleana and I were dining in a fine restaurant.

(source: Kent Wang | CC)

The lights came down. The presentation was about to start.

A flat screen mounted very high up on a two story wall turned on, delivering our focus to it.

The presentation was underway when it was interrupted by the sound of little objects hitting the tables and the floor. Stones, and they seemed to be coming from the area of the flat screen.

Chaos ensued as the lights came on. One of the little things hit Thrilleana, lightly injuring her. I picked it up. It was apparently some kind of artifact, with weird writing on it.

(source: Travis | CC)

I returned to the restaurant the next day by myself to investigate and found a secret room up a staircase behind the tall two story TV wall. In it was a medicine cabinet full of old hand drawn comics and Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, stuffed in the cavity to cover up a hole through which one could see the dining room—a perfect vantage point from which one could hurl little artifacts.

Medicine cabinet(source: Jim | CC)

I come back later with Thrilleana to have a word with the to restaurant owner.
I told him about the room, and to my surprise, he acknowledged its existence, and offered to take me to it.

Only it wasn’t the same room.

It was, in fact, a different room, with no medicine cabinet, and no secret hole.

I got the feeling the restaurant owner wasn’t lying, so much as he genuinely didn’t know.


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