Dream (2/14/17): Work, but from the Inside

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In this dream, I was inside my work, as if it were a place where digital things were physical.

(source: amanda dias | CC)

I found myself searching our content delivery network (CDN) for lost assets. Assets are like cat pics, selfies, and javascript files—all things that may exist on a given website, that people might want faster, when invoked. Trouble is I haven’t yet identified these particular assets. So I didn’t know what to look for.

Then I found the cache. It manifested as a big, overstuffed manila envelope.

Official Tooth Fairy submission packet
(source: Kim Love | CC)

I looked inside, and there they were.

Pillows. With images, each made from embroidered stitching of varying complexity.

(source: Constanza | CC)

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