Dream (2/8/2017): Bigfoot Attacked Our Car (with sountrack)

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Being a musician, it’s not uncommon for me to have specific and articulate memories of the music I hear in a dream. This dream is an example of that.

It starts with me in the backseat of a car. I am unsure what I was doing in the backseat, but Thrilleana was driving. It was an old grey-blue town car, the kind you’d expect an old cop or cheap detective might drive in the 1980s.

36826 Shirley G at Cosner Brothers Checking the Damage in Daylight
(source: Bill McChesney | CC)

We drove until the suburbs thinned out into trees. Eventually we ended up down a lonely corner of road.

lonely road
(source: haven’t the slightest | CC)

Thrilleana carefully executed the three-point turn required to exit the cul-de-sac when the car abruptly stopped. She’d hit something on the left/driver’s side—an enormous hairy thing. It was a Sasquatch.

(source: jason wilson | CC)

The enraged creature threw its fist into the driver’s side window. I protected my eyes from the broken glass as Thrilleana dove into the backseat.

(source: Spyros Papaspyropoulos | CC)

This is where the music came in. Horror music, specifically. A lonely piano melody, accompanied by full orchestral brass, wind, and chorale, it was as if what was happening in the dream was obviously part of an actual horror movie.

. . .

Here is that aforementioned horror-theme piano melody, with bass reference:

Note that on occasion I am able to develop those raw dream memories into complete songs. This is another example of melody and chords derived from a dream, from back in early 2015 (original dream journal post):

And here is the finished work, completed later in the year:

There is something we react to when we dream. Whether it’s a place we go or just a pile of our own memories and thoughts, there is a thing there, and engaging with it it produces weird, hallucinogenic effects, though it does require our waking selves to interpret, through the process of conscious recall.

I will try and develop the melody I’ve captured in this dream.


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