Dream (1/31/17): That Isn’t a Caterpillar

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A bed of poison rat pellets covered the room.

(source: Justin Henry | CC)

A man stood adjacent to me and watched as the floor began to move. It was a bunch of black things, and they dispersed across the pellets in every direction. “Caterpillars,” the man remarked.

(source: Ian S | CC)

I pointed at the one walking toward me. “I think it’s sick,” I said, as the thing laid down on its sac-like side.

“He’s just doing what he do.” He spoke, presumably, of their cocooning behavior.

As he said this, the creature’s head split. I shrieked, as a thing with a beady face and spindly, busy limbs pulled itself out of the leathery casing.

Bug eyes
(source: Gewel Maker | CC)

The man laughed. “Silly,” he said, as the thing went for my foot. “Its just a caterpillar.”


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