Dream (1/25/17): Gun, Some Assembly Required

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In this dream, I acquired a gun from a hobby store in my hometown.

The kit consisted of crappy die cast metal pieces. The inner barrel needed to be filed down so it would fit inside the housing.

5/8" clamp collar
(source: Windell Oskay | CC)

The completed gun was a little silver pocket pistol, like a Derringer you would see wielded by a man with a bowler hat and a Snidely Whiplash mustache.

It felt like a toy in my hands, though I knew inside it were real bullets.

(source: TheRealEdwin | CC)

When I was younger, I remember reading in a dream analysis book about how guns in dreams symbolized power. It’s worth noting that in this dream, I didn’t feel particularly powerful.

I lived in a pup tent in a field, surrounded by little black birds.

Black Birds 7
(source: Michael Pujals | CC)

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