Dream (11/9/16): Chief Queef Keychains

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This dream is strange because it featured a name of a specific person, as well as references to a specific product.

In it, a person named Courtney Thornbridge had put a quarter in a gumball machine in front of my store.

Gumball machine
(source Alex Weimer: CC)

Out of the machine came a keychain, on which was printed the offensive phrase ‘Chief Queef’. She complained to me, the store manager. I told her I would make sure to pass her complaint on to the gumball machine people but that this was the extent of what I could do, as the gumball machine was not actually ours.

Then the earthquake happened.

(source Diego Correa: CC)

Parts of the store sustained damage. Walls fell. Courtney Thornbridge, as it turns out, had been seriously injured.

She now lay in traction.

Hospital bed #1
(source Dan McCarthy: CC)

But her hospital bed was right next to that gumball machine. So she continued, even in her incapacitated state, compulsively putting quarter after quarter into the infernal machine,  cringing each time she received the same prize: a Chief Queef keychain.


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