Pleased to Meet You (again)

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Over the new year I got the bright idea that I would migrate my personal site to a hosted server. What I didn’t know at the time was that I would lose my customized WordPress template and plugins, necessitating a redesign from the favicon on down to the posts, but what the hell. Change is good, right?

That said, I thought I would take a moment to reintroduce myself: My name is H. A. Eugene, and I write short fiction and music. I also have been known to crank out the occasional essay.

I write at the following fine institutions:
Made Up Words (daCunha)

Some writing of note:

Short fiction
Wasted Portal

Help! I’m Not Free!
Words, Class, and Sonic Mayhem: The War For Focus in a World of Distraction
Trump In Nine Lines
Bowie and Zevon: Two Ways to Punch The Clock at the End of the Day
The Dunning-Kruger Effect

And if you want to listen to something pleasant:

The principle melody in that song came to me in a dream.

Incidentally, for the last several years I have been keeping an ongoing dream journal.


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