Dream (8/24/16): A Constantly Moving Bag

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This dream just happened, so it is still very vivid to me.

In it, I had a bag. It had a shoulder strap, and was about the size of an airport carry-on. It was a normal bag in every way, except that this bag was not made out of conventional materials.

(source: Deepwarren | CC)

The fabric that made up the body of the bag was a flexible digital screen that mimics traditional ‘materials’—leather, canvas, etc—by displaying an image of that material. This image is then broken up into individual units so when the bag is moved, the units become displaced and move with regard to gravity or kinetic energy, shuffling around when jostled or turned.

The end result is a bag that does not appear to be solid, but instead appears as a collection of small things that come together to form an object.

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