Dream (12/31/15): Company Party, Revenge Woman

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I found this dream from last year buried deep in my Evernote.

In the dream I was at a company party. It was at a palatial private estate. Cars were parked outside by the street.

Parked Cars
(source: DDOT DC | CC)

Mingling in the party I see one of my coworkers. She’s very unhappy. I try to calm her.

As I walk her out to the front of the house I see another car, parked at the top of the driveway. Its another woman.

She gets out. Someone from my company outstretches a hand to greet her, only to find the woman has in her arms an open box of rattlesnakes. They are fast.

A woman on the sidewalk walking by with her dog is bitten. She falls down, convulsing.

I pull out a small revolver–a detective .38–and begin firing. Its not enough. there are too many snakes.

(source: m rosasco | CC)

They advance upon the party.

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