Dream (5/18): World Collapse, Dragons(?), and Air-Racism

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This dream unfolded in three parts:

The first part described a world in chaos: war, energy crisis, people suffering.

(source: Wikipedia)

The second part told the story of men who worked in a rock quarry who had a secret job: monitoring the huge pteranodon-like creature that lived in a cave near their excavation site. We watched as the thing burrowed its way out of the dusty rock and flew stealthily out from in between the cranes and diggers.

(source: Kordite | CC)

The third part was a rap music video. Musically, it was styled in the post-90s gangsta, with heavy, ponderous drums, while the video was a slice-of-life, taking place on a crowded plane. It featured two angry male voices: an Arab man on the flight, and me, playing the role of an sky marshal. We trade verses, until finally I tackle him in the cabin.

There is an prevailing sense that the Arab character did nothing wrong, and that this is a major point in the song, which seemed to largely be about fear and anger.

We have a full flight today
(source: Steve Mays | CC)

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