Dream (4/19): Promotional Foreign Film at My Work (“A Styrofoam’s chance, and foam is all right”)

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In this dream, we were filming a promotional movie for the company I work at. This itself is not unusual, but the movie seemed filled with images that didn’t seem to have anything to do with my company, like people in colorful outfits on skateboards.

skating III
(source: Andrea Diener | CC)

My co-workers and I, who were acting in the film, were told to read the lines prepared by an off-camera teleprompter. Our signal to start filming was the sound of a digital bell, similar to a triangle.

Action ! (source: ARMLE | CC)

I scanned my lines and reviewed them with my co-worker: “A styrofoam’s chance, and foam is all right.”

I asked him if his lines were just as senseless, and he replied, “Its just a foreign film.”

Then the bell rang. I opened my mouth to read my lines, but found I was awake, and for some reason, trying to talk.

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