Dream (12/16/15): Slow Mouse Pad Leads to Virus Installation of Clash of Clans

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This dream, from last year, seems to have derived from my inability to grow accustomed to a new track pad mouse system that I had begun using at work.

Magic Trackpad

(source: Diego A | CC)

In the dream, the tracking of the pad was too slow and too inaccurate. Negotiating page elements was a clumsy affair. At one point, I inadvertently clicked on a link on a page, which proceeded to install the fantasy game Clash of Clans. I couldn’t stop it. The mouse was moving too slow to cancel.

Clash of Clans 15.1

(source: Themeplus | CC)

What I didn’t know is that this install was actually a virus, which was designed to flood its host system with a massive database of pointless maps.


(source: Alyson Hurt | CC)

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