Dream (3/8/16): Patrick Stewart Tracks Down ‘Lilac Killer’…Who is Me?

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In this dream I am an FBI agent. Patrick Stewart is my partner.

Patrick Stewart
(source: Wikipedia)

He undergoes a surgery to become a black woman so he can hunt down the notorious ‘Lilac Killer’.

Turns out the Lilac Killer is actually me (incidentally, I am David Duchovny).

The Lilac Killer struck again. I present him with evidence only the Lilac Killer himself would be privy to—a dead body.

He doesn’t even acknowledge this, and instead continues to search for the real killer.

Later on, I deliver an envelope containing more evidence, only in the dream, I don’t know what this evidence is. I just know the envelope is very full, and doesn’t entirely seal.

It smells of lilacs.

Envelope(Source: skepticalview CC)

I pass a crowded Hawaiian restaurant while driving through a mini mall parking lot.

I think of how relaxing Hawaiian food and music would be with no people around.

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