Dream (from 10/21/15): Ian, Manager of the Electronics Superstore, and Casualty of the Face-Melting Robbers

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In this dream I was the manager of an electronics superstore, like Fry’s Electronics. Our store was a big warehouse full of computers, peripherals, and video game systems. Lots of box towers, so I get the feeling this was the pre-mobile days.

I had some sort of a project I was doing. It didn’t relate to the store; it was personal, and it pertained to fixing something so it could work better, as opposed to building something new.

Anyway, I was wandering around looking for a length of wire for this project when robbers came in. For reasons unknown, I couldn’t see them. They started making demands — demands which were unreasonable, and couldn’t be met even if there existed the will to meet them. I told them as much but they were inconsolable: In response, they shot a mortar up into the air. It exploded. Molten plastic rained down on my face. “No, Ian!”, I heard someone scream.

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