Dream (from 10/12/15): The Active Shooter, and My Friend, the Newly-Outed Open Carry Weirdo

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In this dream, my friend and I were hanging out on a balcony overlooking a crowd of people. We were dangling our feet some height off the ground, off the edge, as children might do.

We watched below as a man ran up to a group of cops assembling in a doorway and proceeded to fire on them, hitting one of the police officers, knocking him down. Screams and chaos ensued as the shooter ran up to the building we were on.

He was almost upon our floor, and to the balcony we were on. I panicked, slipped and fell, clutching a swinging doorway. I dangled over the edge, while, to my horror, my friend, who was not a cop, but who had a gun – a little revolver – loaded it, and said “I got this”, as the man ran into view. He aimed, but found himself unable to get a clear shot, and therefore — for the sake of safety — did nothing.

Later on, my friend and I walked past a group of cops. A feeling of horror arose in me as my friend proceeded to shout incoherent jibes at them, presumably for their inaction. I remember the haunting look of indignation on his face as I pulled him away.

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