Wild West Snow Globe

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It was a wild west themed snow globe, and it looked like one of those weird little things people handed down through the generations, things that were essentially worthless, but after the die off, became priceless. The plastic that made up the sphere was worn to a dull matte transparency. There was a gouge where it had been dropped once, though I doubt that was the only time it was dropped. It probably got dropped a bunch of times. This was just the one time it left a significant mark.


The dull opacity of the plastic made the glow that came from the general store inside it that much stranger. Like the store was always open, and cowboy that stood at it’s double-doorway entrance was always just entering it, but never quite in or out. Give it a shake and suddenly there’s a blizzard raining down on his little, shivering horse, chasing him inside. I never did shake it, though. I only ever watched Conrad shake it. Felt strange whenever I thought of touching it. Like he could tell I was thinking about it. You know how people get with these types of things things.

Snow Globe

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